Dude, relax with ad hominem. I rarely respond to comments because it is pointless. But, I will here.

Of course, there are academic philosophers and other highly-specialized philosophers publishing stuff in the fields you mentioned and many more. I am sure it is vibrant in the ecosystems of the interwebs and academic journals, which makes for lively debate in the faculty lounge and for a few small audiences on campuses — maybe even some philosophy YouTube videos, audience-sizes dwarfed by orders of magnitude by the latest Bieber, Swift, conspiracy video, or the audience of The View or Jon Oliver. The closest we have to “popular secular philosophy” are people like Zizek (rehashed Marxism with Hollywood therapy), quasi-philosopher Pinker (Hey, it’s all going great!), and endless self-help books and TED Talks. I could go on. But, I wrote a mere 14-minute pro-science article that makes one main central point.

The belief in Ancient Aliens is proliferating because secular philosophy as a force in everyday life is largely dead, because “philosophy has failed to generate a popular cosmic narrative that integrates the origins and destinies of the human species into the vast and wondrous cosmos — an expanding universe stretching across 100 billion light years and populated with 2 trillion galaxies……” Hence, anti-science, climate-denial, anti-evolution, pseudoscience, paranormalism, and astrology are all over our culture. All over it! Ancient Aliens is now the mainstream philosophy-religion that connects people to the cosmos.

Philosophers can write all the articles they want about computer science, big data ontologies, mathematics, formal logic, Kantian aesthetics, Hegelian dialectics for the 21st century, and so on — but secular philosohy has collectively failed to deliver a widely embraced popular narrative to counter the narcissism, tribalism, theism, and celebrity worship that dominate our planet. Hell, superheroes do that far more than “anglophone philosophy!

And it seems you’ve forgotten all you learned in that logic class: launching ad hominems, non-sequitors, appeals to hidden authority, and insults to my PhD. The arrogance of your comments is astounding, but not surprising. Since you brought up my doctorate, it is from the University of Texas at Austin, but with a only minor in philosophy. That’s not enough for you, I’m sure. But, I’ve read far far more philosophy on my own than I ever did while getting my doctorate. And far more than I can put in a freaking 14-minute article in Medium! I am a writer, artist, and academic generalist that spans fields, not limited to narrow fields. I doubt you’re interested, but my takes on secular culture/philosophy and human destiny are all over Medium and in my books in Amazon. Adios.

Theorist of big spaces and big ideas. Writer and mixed-media artist. Existentialist w/o the angst. PhD: Univ of Texas at Austin.

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