Tesla’s “Starman” or 2001’s “Star Child”—Which One Should Guide Our Species Into Space?

The Tesla “Starman,” image donated to public domain by SpaceX, 2018.
Table designed by Barry Vacker, 2020.
Nuke Mars T-shirt; Elon Musk tweet. Twitter post is in the public domain.

The Mirror of Gaze

The Hobby-Eberle Telescope, the world’s 4th largest optical telescope; photo Barry Vacker (2019). Selfie of author at right. The HET is one of several large telescopes at the McDonald Observatory in the Davis Mountains of far west Texas. Operated by the University of Texas at Austin. Photos by Barry Vacker, 2020.

The Biggest Launch

Century of Vision

The Giant Magellan Telescope; Barry Vacker’s photo of images from an educational public display at the McDonald Observatory (2019); images used with permission. The GMT is under contruction at the Las Campanas Observatory in Chile.

Plan for Mars

“American Progress” by John Gast (1872). Painting in the public domain, Library of Congress.

The “Value” of Mars

1] Industrial-Consumer-Narcissistic

Biosphere 2. Photo: Barry Vacker, 2016.
The National Park and Wilderness economy is massive in the desert southwest of America; L: Looking east near Desert View Watchtower at the Grand Canyon; R: Author selfie at the South Rim; photos Barry Vacker, 2020.

2] Wilderness Mars, Museums, Observatories

Left: View into Mexico from the South Rim Trail (12 miles round trip), Big Bend National Park, Texas, Photo: Barry Vacker, 2014. Right: Barry Vacker at South Rim; photo by Gail Bower, 2014; used with permission.

Star Trek?

Existential Stance

Starlink Light Pollution

The Challenge of “2001”

The Sublime and Radical Wonder

The Ultimate Purpose

Sign inside Spaceport America, location for Virgin Galactic test flights, New Mexico. Photo: Barry Vacker, 2016.

The Next Space Human

Spaceport America; Sculpture: “Genesis” by Otto Rigan (2019). Photos: Barry Vacker, 2016.

The Hollywood Vision

Extinction Event?

Musk: Simulacrum of the Space Future

A New Space Philosophy to Counter “Nihilism”

Back cover of my book; photo: Barry Vacker, 2020.

Theorist of big spaces and big ideas. Writer and mixed-media artist. Existentialist w/o the angst. PhD: Univ of Texas at Austin.

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